To boldly go…

Since this site is still under construction, like the next season of Game of Thrones or America’s infrastructure, mostly what we have here is this picture, summing up the notion that we have a Mission (besides a preternatural quest for laziness).  Come next year, we’ll be on a transoceanic quest to view a total solar eclipse visible over the Pacific on the second of July, 2019…

Sincerely, no photograph can ever capture how extraordinary the sight truly is.

Here’s the path….

Eclipse be all like, chase me bro
Catch me. I dare you

Hence we’ll be sailing towards that passage.  Eventually Kitty will probably wax lyrical about the wonder and the science of it, but before that’s inflicted upon you, these’ll have to do.

our route looks like a snake
That’s our route…. Sidenote: does anybody else think Scandinavia looks like a big worm about to eat Europe?




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