SY Wake

It’s a boat and it floats!  That’s why boats were invented, so there’s a start.  But the good ship Wake is a special little vessel.  She’s a 1991 Amel Super Maramu (one of the lesser-known Marvel heroes), 53 feet long and weighing in at 35,000 pounds of fiberglass and a dire diesel engine.  Being designed and built with long distance sailing in mind, she’s tough and scrappy, with wind and solar power, and a priority placed upon not-sinking.  Check it out:

that's the boat!
Told you it exists

Wake from the outside; proof, she floats!  2 masts, the mizzenmast being smaller than the mainmast, indicate that she is a ketch (100 masts, the mizzenmasts being able to shoot lasers, would indicate that dreadnaught thing from Star Wars)


told ya
In the 18th century ketches were used to carry artillery, for reals


Here’s the cockpit, the most important spot on the boat because it’s where you drive, and it’s also the only place where we’re allowed to smoke

Dat cockpit life though
note Davi’s used Crocs in the foreground


And here’s the kitchen (including oven/stove, sink, washing machine, and a fridge used entirely for alcohol and forgotten vegetables)

hand-washing the dishes, sigh
You could bake a cake!  Or just eat a jar of frosting like a boss


This is the main salon, which includes a  a U-shaped dining area with a tv where you can watch aforementioned Star Wars, a loveseat and an extravagant amount of cabinets.

ssshh this is the good part
nobody remembers what’s in what cupboard, but it’s probably a cat


Here’s the forecabin, which will double as Kitty’s writing studio/guest bedroom, once it’s painted, filled with books, and heavily decorated until it looks like Moulin Rouge

Dibs on the bigger bed
Hahaha it will never be this clean ever again


Here’s another spot for guests, which we call the Cat Room since they sleep in here a lot (it’s nonsense really, they sleep everywhere)

Also a good place for miscellaneous stuff we don't want to deal with
it’s like a naptime hallway


Here’s the main bedroom, which is pretty much entirely a bed anyhow; its only flaw is the impracticality of jumping

Don't bump your head
Mind your head now


Aaaand the bathroom, where the shower is a hose and the toilet is a manual flush (we’re getting really buff every time we pee)

The whole floor is pretty much a drain.jpg
worst gym ever


And over there the vital Navigation Station (hey, that rhymes!), which has all sorts of radios, chart plotters, GPS and weather forecast thingys and the USB cords not yet chewed up by the cats

Houston we have a litterbox
also a sound system for the Creedence


Beneath it all (seriously, everywhere you step) are the bilges, well stocked with canned corn, Heinz Baked Beans, sacks of curry… J/K.  50% of it’s alcohol.

The innards
These kinds of crosscut diagrams are freaking awesome

Three cats, three queers, endless love in an endless world

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